Come hear George in VEGAS!

Come hear George in VEGAS!

George Dans, also known as the ” Human Torch is a Silver Sponsor and Speaker at the Buy Here Pay Here Responsible Lending World Convention in Vegas!
Armed with enthusiasm, confidence, self-esteem, and effective selling skills, George Dans is an automotive sales training professional with years of experience. Come out and hear what he has to offer and I guarantee your SALES will be on FIRE!



The Secret: You Already Know It. Plan, Take Action, Work Hard

The secret can’t be a secret because then none of us would know it.


Most people this year will be looking for different answers on how to move ahead to a better life, both at work and home. This year the will to win will be just as important as the will to succeed.


The two words that you might want to hold dear this year are gratitude and expectancy. You can thank Earl Nightingale for that. Not only did he wake up with an attitude of gratitude but also with an expectancy to win and succeed at whatever he did. I am of the same thought. Life really is decided by attitude more than anything else.


Your attitude is a mirror of your inside thoughts, which is made visible by your actions, thoughts and feelings. You might be a product of your past, but you don’t have to be a prisoner of it. If you were lucky to come out of last year without any real frame damage—congratulations and a standing ovation please, finished by a drum roll. Recently, I was driving down what is called “The Mile Of Cars” please change that to “Half Mile Of Cars” and the same could be said to another BLVD. of Doom that I drove down.


War Zone


When you see all these empty dealerships it pains us, because not only did the dealerships go away, but so did their faithful employees. Where did they go? Often we never really appreciate life until it is taken away. The best thing about last year is last year is behind us. One day we will be able to look back and smile wryly when someone says to us, “Man this is a tough business.” We’ll be able to say, “Pal, you don’t know tough until you had a year like we did back in ’09!”


Turn setbacks in to comebacks


Who said that life won’t allow you to make U-turns, I checked and it’s actually legal to make a U- turn. Your U-turn will need to have some substance behind it though. Most people are looking for a break, help, or somebody to help them. People spend more of their life looking for it and seemingly can’t find that break.


Some search their entire life chasing it and never find it without realizing it’s right in front of them. People go to meetings, groups, pump ups, bring in consultants or take pep pills to find it. What is it? People expect some miraculous event to happen to them and they end up sitting on the sidelines of life waiting for it. For the most part people are willing to do a bit more but really won’t take the next step to it. It’s called work. What a painful word for most. Funny it only has 4 letters to it. Yet the meaning behind the word is powerful.


Most people expect good things, but won’t work for them. I believe the good book said, faith without works is dead. It reminds me of the timeless joke where the old man goes to pray and looks up and says he would like to win the lottery. After several attempts and visits, the old man is frustrated and angrily asks one more time, “I have been here four straight weeks. I have never really asked for anything in life, but before my life is over I would like to win the lottery.” He suddenly hears a booming voice from above, “Why don’t you meet me halfway and buy a lottery ticket.”


Pay The Price


Losers don’t want to pay the price; they expect success to drop unto their laps as they sit on their self-righteous rear end. This great country of ours is ready to offer you a golden opportunity. However, you will have work to earn it. Your attitude will be key. Your attitude determines your altitude. If you have a great attitude and throw it out to the world, it will throw it back at you. If you have a good attitude, then good things will come back to you. If you have a lousy “why me” attitude, don’t worry life will throw that back at you too.


All you have to do or get to do is to get up off the mat of defeat and take that right leg and place in front of your left and start marching to your goals again. Life is like a giant trip that at some point will have obstacles, failures and give you opportunities to make much needed U turns. When your trip goes wrong, you don’t usually go all the way back home and start all over. No, you stop, look around and get a bearing with a reliable compass. Why don’t you use your faith compass this year. All you have to point it to your goals, and back it with faith and action.


Miracles happen in life today, but for the most part it’s due to you taking action and working toward it.

Someday will never be here!!!

Someday will never be here and someday is not a day in the week.  People have all kinds of rules that they live by and maybe you have some too.  People say, now is not the time to do this…I can get to that later…this won’t work for me…I have already heard this before…why me?…it has a nice cover, that’s why I bought the book.  Covers do sell books, however it’s the words that are powerful, and when you learn how to articulate the words you will close more sales.  Just follow through and you will be more successful in life.  Why is that?  Most sales people will surrender and throw up the white flag because it takes work to change.  Most of them talk a big game, but when it comes to playing, they are on the sidelines screaming like some little league parent.  Talk is cheap isn’t it?  Most likely you will win by default because most people quit when the going gets tough.  There are so many sales people who have failed at selling.  Most failed because they weren’t committed to their career.  If you piled up all of the bodies of all the salespeople who tried and failed at sales, it would reach the moon and cast a shadow down on earth that would never allow the sun to shine.  I know and you know people will say this and maybe you have said this, “Not now, I’m going to keep my options open and see how things turn out.”  Have you ever said that?  What are you waiting for?  HOPE.  The word HOPE means Helping Other People Out.  The best way to help people out if you are in sales is to solve their problems and then provide them with solutions.

All things Considered……….. I would rather be in Philadelphia

All Things Considered I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia — Collecting

I can write as many articles about selling as you would like, however, if you are in the buy here-pay here business none of that matters unless you can collect what you sold.

I know that once the scales of collections is tipped into high rates of delinquencies that it’s not easy to bring your portfolio back to a good place. My question is this, how did it get tipped? Well it could be several factors such as taking too many high-risk deals. These deals are easier to close but harder to collect. You don’t see the bad stuff until later on. When it hits, the numbers hit the fan. What a mess!

Another way it could have tipped could be the collections process you have in place right now? First of all, do you have enough collectors to collect? I worked with one dealer with several hundred accounts, but had only one collector. Don’t most collectors deal with the most urgent right now? When they can’t get to all of their calls, their 15-30-day delinquencies don’t get called and they quickly become 30-45-days overdue and on their way to 60 days behind. We know where the graveyard is after that — RIP 90. Seen it, saw it, been there, done that, witnessed it, heard it, blessed them and said, your portfolio looks like it’s on the downhill side destined for the closest graveyard. You couldn’t get Dick Tracy, CSI Collections – FBI or the CIA, which in this case stands for Collections Intelligence Agency to find these people. They are like ghosts.

If only we would have gotten a DNA sample. Instead of placing a starter-interrupt system in their vehicle, we should of placed a “CPS” homing device inside their arm. Yes, that stands for Collection Positioning System. OK, maybe we don’t need to go to that extreme. George have you lost your mind? Oh OK, wake up, real world is here.

Let’s get down to business and talk about some collection TIPS that will help you and your collection team.

Plan to collect, and then collect according to your plan. Let me show you how to have a great collections week.

Monday: Make sure all delinquency reports are pulled along with what your daily delinquency goal is for the day. Set up a daily call sheet so you know exactly how many calls you have to make today – Get right on your first payment defaults and call them immediately so that they don’t develop new late habits. If you have any broken promises, call the CIA, yes that’s Collection Intelligence Agency and hammer those broken promises back to real promises and shows. Lastly, make sure you get the reasons for delinquency, make note of it, get their source of payment and commit them to pay today.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Make sure all delinquency reports are pulled along with what your daily delinquency goal is for the day. Set up a daily call sheet so you know exactly how many calls you have to make today. Get right on your first payment defaults and call them immediately. Make sure you pull a NSF report and work accounts that have checks that have come back and get this resolved in the next 24 hours. Check your three-day promises-to-pay and monitor them. Start reviewing your skip trace and call businesses during the day and their residences at night. Work on your new welcome calls. Follow up with repossession status. Make courtesy calls to accounts that are zero days. Call and confirm the next day’s promises to pay. Call references if needed.

Thursday: Make sure all delinquency reports are pulled along with what your daily delinquency goal is for the day. Set up a daily call sheet so you know exactly how many calls you have to make today. Get right on your first payment defaults and call them immediately. Call and confirm the next day’s promises to pay. Follow up with courtesy calls while pinpointing times that customer will be coming in to make their payments. Check repossession accounts and skip traces.

Friday: Pull all reports plus make sure you know what your delinquency goals are for the day. Make your courtesy calls. Review three-day promise to pays. No need to do skip tracing on Friday. Get on first payment defaults and call them ASAP, remember today is pay day. Call those who have made broken promises when applicable, day or night.

Well that looks like a pretty game plan so far. I can tell you this, collections has to be so structured in a dealership, it can’t be left to random or chaos management. Do you have enough collectors in place to maintain consistency in your portfolio? Have you trained your collectors to succeed? Structure is so important in collections. You have to be disciplined with an easy-to-follow system that allows your collections department to operate at maximum performance.

Before we rack it, here are a couple of other tips to help you collect more. As a collector check your attitude. This job is not that easy. Don’t take it too personally. You have to remove yourself from their situation and then do your best to solve their payment troubles. Just don’t get too close to the problem or you will finance the problem — literally. Before you make a collections call, remember to preplan. Review your notes. If you don’t take notes or document things, then it probably didn’t happen. The tiniest of details matter; don’t they? Every now and then, take a breather or a day off. Don’t forget to recharge your mind and take care of your health. Attitude is everything, whether it is good or bad, positive or negative, the one thing you have going for you is that you have a choice. Keep on collecting!

Goals are thoughts which become words. Write your words down with a purpose behind them and you have a good chance of them becoming reality. To insure your chance of reaching your goals place a date behind your goals. With a timeline or a deadline, most goals aren’t realized. Thats why most people live on the intersection called someday. Someday my ship will come in. Don’t forget to send your ship out with a plan and a compass. Someday I am going to win the lottery. It reminds me of a fable tale a friend told me years ago. Here is how it goes…A little Jewish man named Myron goes to the Synagogue and kneels and prays to God saying.”God this is Myron I’ve never asked you for anything, but I want to win the lottery before I die.” For three weeks Myron keeps praying about winning the lottery. Finally after the fourth week God looks down at Myron and says “Myron you have to meet me half way and buy a ticket!”

Life is the same way. What has happened in today’s world is that most people wont pay the price for what they want and desire in life. America has become a lottery of life players where people spend a bunch and wish for millions What happened to the hard work?Life Champions pay the price for success. Look at any great athlete. Their rewards are determined by their effort, practice, sacrifice, and commitment. Life champions do their own push ups, losers like to take the easy way to success. Who wouldn’t? Life doesn’t work that way does it?

Set your Goals!

Belief in Self

If you can believe in yourself and your abilities to close anyone you are three quarters of the way there. Don’t let doubt creep in, don’t let the world tell you what you can’t do, don’t let others tell you that you can’t do it. Throw out some of your old rules that have kept you in a mental prison. You hear it all the time, you aren’t as good as them, your way too small, your the new person here, that sale was just luck, you were in the right place at the right time or that won’t happen around here. Keep your faith with you at all times along with your belief that you can do it. If you believe in yourself you are 75% there.

Attitude of Gratitude

Be happy that you woke up today, be thankful for everything you have no matter where you are in life, you have it better than most, not good as some, but on the whole you are better and improving. An attitude of gratitude will wipe out the daily pollutants that the world has to give you everyday. Look at it this way, you don’t “have” to get up, you “get” to get up, you don’t “have” to go to work, you “get” to go to work, you don’t “have” to be poor, you “choose” to.Life is about choices and how to get into action to reach your choices. Too many people have hang ups and can’t let them go, or they have hate in their souls. Others won’t ever forgive people, so while the offender has moved on, you are still letting them offend you. Why wont you let it go? Why are you holding a grudge? Why are you wasting your life on things you can’t control? to get control, you give up control.

– George Dans

Top Rated Speaker

Australia says George Dans is:

 “Wild man” passionate, great.
 Awesome, fun, inspiring. I want to see more.

Thanks George, I’ve changed my attitude and I’ve done it right now.


 Outstanding.
 Awesome.
 Lets bring him back.
 Awesome again.
 Refreshing, thought-provoking, inspiring.
 Change is happening for me already. Thank you.
 Very positive
 You really rock. Thank you from the Short Guy.
 Good fun session.
 Excellent
 Awesome Presentation.

Fantastic. A great motivator, well presented.


 Outstanding, need more of this calibre.
 Brilliant
 Very good should have him every year.
 “Let there be light” and there was. Well done George.

Selling Systems: Find a Tasty Recipe and Stick to It!

There are a few ways you can make more sales today. We will review the best way, the costliest way, and the hard way.

I can tell you this, after doing so many in-house training sessions last year it always seems to come down tot he same excuses at almost ever dealership. There ins’t enough traffic, weather is horrible, the Up bus is broke down on the local highway., customers aren’t loyal anymore, too many salespeople, can’t find enough good inventory, and life is horrible and so are my sales or my dealerships. Nice.

Okay if you want to move your sales needle, make your salespeople work all hours of the day they are supposed to. Wouldn’t you sell more cars just because of that? I often wonder why we can’t get people to work. In any other profession, people that don’t work get fired, but in the car business we seem to develop safe houses for under achievers. Call me and let me know why.

Actually, I already know why. We don’t have clear expectations, goals, or accountability systems in place. Recently, I was doing an in-house and the managers said we can’t get our people to work.. Why not? They might quit – see you later, adios amigo, letr gator, in a while crocodile!

Why can’t we get them to work? Why can’t we get them to follow our systems? Why won’t they follow the basics to the sale with all the customers?

The competition in automotive sales has gotten fierce. Everybody wasnts to borrow or rent your customers. When saes are down isn’t that when most dealerships go into panic mode and we call the ad guy to come in and bail us out??

Now ad guys are nice people. They work long and hard house and can help you with your business, but when sales are down the ad guy comes in and as he has most dealerships and hooks you on a morphone-like, which is called advertising.  Advertising is similar to a band-aid. It protects you for a while, but eventually it falls off. If you spent the same money on training, developing processes, and advertising, business would get better and there would be long-term success, instead of a 24 hour high.

My question is this: If you advertise to bring them in , shouldn’t you train your people on what to do when they arrive? I know what you head: Of, if we train them they will leave anyway. Not necessarily., the whole idea is to build a sales team of champions. If you don’t have systems in place today sell to the unbankable customer, then you will have a bunch of chumps. Withth the explosion of subprime and unbankable selling, selling processes are in more demand today than ever.

If you want to sell more cars right now, then put a subprime selling system in place. These systems are available from a number of experts, agencies, and consultants. I’ve prepared one of the bst-selling processes in the auto industry. This system is easy to use, easy to follow, and easy to understand. It helps the sales team write up more deals, get larger down payments, overcome objections, and achieve your goals.

You can go two ways here: Call the ad guy or place a selling system in your dealership that is rigid in principle, but flexible in its approach. The hardest part here is getting dealerships to buy into systems. I was just at another dealreship and they had 10 systems in place. They had a different system for each salesperson! Why would you do this, I asked? Of course I heard the same excuses, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. Why not try one proven selling system and one way to sell cars, one way to make money? Find out what that is for your store and then create your culture around it.

Unbankable Selling System

  1. An Impressive First Impression
  2. A Positive Greeting
  3. Building Genuine Rapport
  4. A Specific Investigation
  5. A Smooth Transition
  6. An Interactive Flip Chart Presentation
  7. Application Process
  8. The Pre-Approval Budget Analysis
  9. Selecting the Right Vehicle
  10. Taking the Service Walk
  11. The Dynamic Demonstration
  12. The Final Approval
  13. The Final Close
  14. Asking for Referrals
  15. Follow Up – Beginning of Next Sale

I can tell you this, if you followed these steps in proper sequence you would sell more cars right now. My questions is, how can you get lost on a track that leads you to more sales and profits? To sustain the drive to more profits though, you also need to do these “As Seen On TV” Strategies:

  1. Have Processes Written Out
  2. Make Them Part of Your Standard Operating Procedures
  3. Train Your Staff to Get the Most Out of Each Selling Step
  4. Develop Rewards, Rules, and Consequences
  5. Don’t Let Up When the Whiners Complain About the New Updated System

Quick story here, in any other business there seem to be systems to maximize profits and efficicency – McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Nordstrom’s, Police Departments, Fire Departments, the U.S. Armed Forces. In the car business however, the answer seems to be no.

Why wouldn’t we just copy other successful businesses to maximize our business? If you did would you sell more than you are selling right now? Yes. Then why don’t you do it? I know it takes commitment, but before that you have to decide to do it, and then commit to it.

Here’s a great analogy. My kids made Christmas cookies until July. They follow a proven recipe. If they follow it then the cookies are good. If they don’t, the cookies taste terrible and it’s a huge waste of time and resources. to end up with good cookies (increased sales), you have to follow the recipe I’ve provided above – every time. Then again, you can call the local ad guy and spend $15K a month and see a small return. The general rule with good training and consulting is for every dollar you spend your net returns is about $25-$30 – the choice is yours!